Peach Promotions

Founded in 2020 and run by Sophie Vessey and Sofia Machray, Peach Promotions is a Wellington based promotions company with the aim of creating more diversity on stages and festivals and closing the gender gap in the music industry.

Sophie and Sofia are both completing a Bachelor's Degree in Commercial Music at Massey University in Wellington, both majoring in Music Industry. They share a huge passion for New Zealand's music industry and want to see a change by creating an equal platform for all musicians. They have taken this project on board and have been working hard creating the initial brand around their company. As well as this, with their first couple of shows up their sleeve, Peach have quickly launched themselves into the music industry, 

Peach Promotions x Sofia Machray  official poster for Walking on Hands Tour. 


Designed by George Naylor

Peach Promotions is hosting Sofia Machray's, Walking On Hands Wellington show. Featuring friends such as Doons, King Fish, and Juno Is, Sofia and Peach's show is due to be a goodie. Peach has another unannounced show planned for November. 

Peach have developed their branding through their social media which presents fictional character, Peacho. Peacho, designed by Wellington designer George Naylor, stands as a representation of Peach Promotions brand. 

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