We Are Watching You


"We Are Watching You." Was a small unannounced gig, used as a promotional tool to promote another similar show which was booked for a few months after. 

It was also put on as a small conceptual gig, to demonstrate the idea of privacy not existing in the current day and age. To represent this idea, Sophie and the team that put on this show, developed a concept which allowed them to live stream their audience - to their audience. 

The conceptual idea was to set up a camera at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the hallway which had been chosen as a location. This camera live-streamed it's footage to a projector that was upstairs and projecting onto the wall outside where the gig was held. The livestream was timed so that by the time the audience went up the stairs, they would see themselves from seconds before, projected on the wall.

The success of this show was determined based off the number of passer-by's that interacted with the gig.

Wellington artist, Hybrid Rose, played a 30 minute set, they counted 56 people coming through.

Sophie took part in arranging the conceptual idea around this show as well as some of the tech side. She helped with organising the gear that was needed and with the initial set up of this show. Treating this show as a pop-up gig, the set up was keep minimal and didn't take overly long to put together. However Sophie was a large part of setting up the projectors, decor, and running the livestream.