Inspired by the aspects of space and nature, Astro-tearoa combines earthy elements with spacey themes to create a new world.


This show was conceptualised around the idea of being able to allow developing bands to play to a live audience. Having an astronaut as our mascot we wanted to combine this with a 'kiwiana' aspect. As Te Reo is a huge part of our kiwi heritage, "Aotearoa" the Maori name for New Zealand was intertwined in our event name. "Astro" came from the idea of using an astronaut and developing a spacey theme, "tea" meaning transparent, clear, light, colours, and "roa" meaning long , tall and slow. These two ideas came together to create "Astro-tearoa" which resonated with the concept of this gig.

"Our goal is to create an environment that would leave our audience and everyone involved in the gig with a memorable experience. Astro-Tearoa is a gig that transforms The Third Eye into a new world consisting of tunes that are out of this world. The bands performing on the night will be Zesty’s, Midnight Plumbers, and Where’s Logan? These up and coming local acts will blow our audience away with their different sounds. From ambient lo-fi to indie rock, there will be something for everyone."


Sophie worked with a team of other music industry professionals to put on this show. This gig allowed the creators to come up with a conceptual idea not only allowed them to bring developing bands to a live audience, but to show their capabilities around executing a musical set.

At the start of 2018, Sophie took a large role in developing the concept and working with others to create the visual branding around the show. This required a lot of marketing and promotion which was achieved via social media and physical promotion such as posters.

She took a main role of drafting and finalising the budget for this show and setting up online ticket sales. The venue did not have any backline which meant we had to supply this ourselves, Sophie completed the gear hire list and made sure they had the correct gear needed for backline and for what the bands had requested. Along with this, she took on more of a leader role in making sure the team stuck to the timeline that was set-out, and to ensure any assets, communications and marketing was completed on time. 

The show was accomplished on October 10th, 2018 and proved to be a success as all tickets sold out. Sophie and the team made sure to help with loading in and setting up, as well as bringing in and setting up a number of decorations that went hand in hand with our concept and transformed the space.